Tetris of War

A relaxing take on Tetris.

Neave Tetris

Choose from 10 different levels.

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One more old-good-tetris clone. Pixel-art styled one.


A remake of the classic Tetris game with two modes. If you are bored with t...

Craze Tetris

a tetris game is different with classic tetris.contorl your role exploit ch...


Tetris is a game involving dropping blocks. Points are scored for each b...


four times bigger than tetris, with a twist. come check out this crazy remi...


Laubtris is a flash tetris game which features different random generated b...

Prehistoric Tetris

In this Prehistoric version of Tetris are 25 levels of difficulty - higher ...


Tetris with falling figures. After line is disappear figures will fall apar...

Rock Star Tetris

Higher Higher

Build the highest tower with a 66 Tetris bricks.

Tetris HOOKA

It's just Tetris

Tetris Duo

Play 2 Tetris games at the same time.


Tetris clone. Pieces fall from four sides to the center.

Tetri Tower

Tetri Tower is a game where you stack tetris blocks using physics

FG Tetris

FG Tetris is a classic Tetris clone. Try to remove as many lines as you can...

Pirate Tetris

Bloody Pirate Tetris

Tetra Block Factory

You are Sergey and you are hardly working for an extremely low eCPM in the ...

Doorsets Tetris

Doorsets Tetris- new addictive arcade flash colorful game for all ages and ...


Like tetris, but pieces fall upwards. Nothing more to it.


A clone of Alexei Pajitnov's famous puzzle game, Tetrism features "arcade c...

Christmas Tetris Game

This is a Christmas Theme Tetris Game for you who loved playing tetris. Enj...

Fine Blocks

This is a simple tetrislike game. Shoot the block to collect line horizonta...


A fast-paced puzzle based on Alexey Pajitnov's Tetris. The addition of seve...


Tetris with a twist, match the gems in the blocks together to create groups...


Classic Tetris like game.


React has a strong Tetris feel but is totally origional, the object of the ...

Tetris Game

Fun And Entertaining Game

Tetris Manic

Arrange the pieces of this Tetris horizontally


Made with the spirit of tetris and extra levels of complication - how fast ...

Choco Tetris

A yummy version of the classic puzzle game!

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